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Scosche Rhythm+ Review

Do you want an accurate reliable and comfortable heart rate monitor that doesn't rely on a chest strap? Check out the Scosche devices (pronounced skōsh). The Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate monitor, launched in May 2014 is one of their most successful and affordable models. This wearable heart rate monitor was designed as an alternative to

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MyZone Heart Rate Monitor MZ-3

Looking for a heart rate monitor device to upgrade or replace your old device?  Take a look at the MyZone heart rate monitor, the MZ-3. In addition to providing an excellent heart rate monitor device, as a company MyZone recognizes that users often benefit from more than just a set of readings to motivate them. 

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Mio Heart Rate Monitor Slice

Introducing Mio Slice In 2017 Mio Global announced the launch of its SLICE device that records standard metrics we’ve all come to expect in a fitness tracker. This Mio heart rate monitor includes step count, calories burned, distance covered, all day heart rate and sleep. Smartphone notifications are sent with ease and the Slice provides vibrating

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Suunto Heart Rate Monitor: Suunto 3 Fitness Review

Introduced by the Finnish Suunto company in January 2018, this wearable was heralded as the latest multi sport fitness device with a heart rate monitor for the budget conscious.  Millennial are notorious for wanting to delve into whatever their newest outdoor adventure interest may be, but finding a sports watch that can accommodate a wide

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Best Timex Heart Rate Monitor for a Beginner

The Timex Full-Size T5K541 Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor and Watch is a great device for keeping an eye on your heart rate during a workout. This watch delivers essential heart rate information effortlessly and without unnecessary complications using a “keep it simple” philosophy ----and the Personal Trainer does just that. Exercise is one of

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Best Heart Rate Monitor for Swimming (Updated June 2019)

A heart rate monitor can help you to get some insight on how fit and healthy you are. Unfortunately, there are a lot of devices on the market, and this complicates the decision-making process.  For a swimming tracker, you should ensure that it’s waterproof and rated for a certain depth. You should also consider if

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Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor Review (Updated June 2019)

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor Review Pros and Cons: Best Heart Rate Monitor for Simplicity and Connectivity Having introduced the first Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitor, Wahoo Fitness then developed an advanced, easy-to-use heart rate monitor. The Wahoo TICKR heart rate monitor is one of the three heart rate monitors in the Wahoo line up,

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Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Review Pros and Cons: GPS Running Watch with Contactless Payments and Music Playback (Updated June 2019)

Huge announcement from Garmin at CES 2018 is the launch of their newest device, Forerunner 645 Music. Music functionality used to be a shortcoming when it came to Garmin watches, but now this is no longer the case. The new Forerunner 645 Music is taking Garmin to the next level.  Let's take a closer look

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Garmin Vivosport – Review Pros & Cons: Best Fitness Tracker with GPS for Runners (Updated June 2019)

Garmin Vivosport can be considered as the rightful successor to Garmin Vivosmart HR+, which was one of the best fitness trackers in 2016. If you are someone who had passion for Garmin Vivosmart HR+ and Garmin Vivosmart 3 , you will find Garmin Vivosport quite familiar as this latest device, the Vivosport is a nice

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Fitbit Ionic – Review Pros and Cons (Update June 2019)

Fitbit Ionic – Review Pros and Cons Fitbit is back again this year with their new child Fitbit Ionic. With Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit decided to take a bite in the smartwatch game against big guys like Apple and Samsung. I’m going to break down the features Fitbit Ionic as well as giving you guys pros

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