Garmin VivoActive 3 – Review Pros and Cons

garmin vivoactive 3 pros and cons


Huge announcement for all the tracker savvy out there. Garmin vivoactive 3 is going to be one of many new wearables launch in conjunction with IFA Berlin. Garmin vivoactive 3 the successor of their old Garmin vivoactive HR release in 2016 and probably one of the most anticipated tracker in 2017.

Garmin vivoactive 3: Release Date

garmin vivoactive 3 pros and consgarmin vivoactive 3 pros and cons

Garmin Vívoactive 3 expected to unveil during the IFA Berlin along with their Garmin wearables family Vívomove HR, and Vívosport. There is no exact release date for Garmin Vívoactive 3 yet but the price for their watch has been revealed!

Garmin VivoActive 3: Price

garmin vivoactive 3 pros and cons

The new Garmin Vívoactive 3 price going to be $299 for the Black/stainless, White/Stainless version. The Black/slates version price going to be $330
This is quite a premium price for a tracker even compare to its rival Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Charge,  and Apple Watch,
But what do you get if you decide to pop that premium tag on Vívoactive 3?

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Garmin VivoActive 3: Design

garmin vivoactive 3 pros and cons

Instead of following its predecessor tradition Garmin vívoactive HR with a slick rectangle design. Garmin vívoactive 3 changed it up with a lighter, thinner rounded design, and weight around 43 gr (0.1 lb). As I mention above, the vívoactive 3 will come to the market with 3 colors: Black and White/stainless, and Black/slates. They all have a premium look and achieve the style from their brothers Garmin fenix and Garmin forerunner 630.

One of the biggest flaws that people complained about its predecessor Vívoactive HR was the limitation in customization. Garmin vívoactive HR screen stuck right on to the black plastic strap and there is no way you could replace the strap. It all changed with Vívoactive 3 as you have the option to switch compatible accessory band.

The tight polymer strap really pull off the premium feel of the watch and it is quite comfortable to wear. If you looking for a fitness watch with, athletic, powerful look then Garmin vívoactive 3 is what you looking for. You could also pull off a classy luxurious feel if you decide to go with the Black/slates color.

Garmin Vívoactive 3: Features

Garmin Vívoactive 3 pretty much keep everything that Vívoactive HR has and improve some of the features. Vívoactive 3 still have the Built-in GPS, music control, 7 days or more battery life, daily goal features, water resistant, Connect IQ apps and a very accurate heart-rate tracker. Further more, Vívoactive 3 come in with a 15 different custom indoor and outdoor sports apps, VO2 max calculator, and stress monitoring. There are more features that I’m gonna list below as I categorize them into Pros and Cons so you guys get through my point easier.

garmin vivoactive 3 pros and cons


The new Garmin Pay: this is the newest feature for a Garmin device.  it allows user to make a payment whenever contactless payment are accepted (similar to Fitbit Ionic). Now you would not have to worry about carry your phone and you wallet around for a quick run through the city anymore. You could just quickly use your Vívoactive 3 at some convenient store if you decide to buy some drink to revive yourself after a run around the lake. This feature currently support both Visa and Mastercard from major issue banks like Chases, Wells Fargo, Bank of America

The Screen: Another problem the predecessor Vívoactive HR has is the horrible the readability with a fairly low 205×148 resolution. Therefore, Garmin finally decide to make the new Vívoactive 3 screen 30.4 mm (diameter), transflective, and sunlight visible. The screen is very vibrant and easy to read. This is an incredible news for people who like to do outdoor sport as well as people who only use Vívoactive 3 for daily activities

The Side-Swipe: there is probably not much to talk about this feature beside Garmin finally take notes from people who prefer to use the watch with their thumbs rather than their index fingers. Now instead of using your index fingers directly on the screen, you could use your thumb on the side of watch. This is a small addition but really showed how detail Garmin can be to their customers.

15 Built-in sport apps: if you are the one who like sports and being active. This is definitely a feature that you cannot neglect. Run, treadmill, indoor track, bike, bike indoor, walk, walk indoor, floor climb, cardio, yoga, elliptical, stair stepper, row, row indoor are all included on your wrist. Quite amazing if you ask me!


The Garmin Pay Cons: with most people already have their own contactless payment system on their phone (via Apple Pay, Android Pay,…); having another payment system on your wrist is just increase the risk of getting your information leak out. Thief and hackers now have double the chance of stealing your information if you provide your credit card or bank information to more than one system.

Still doesn’t have music storage built-in: It’s hard to imagine a fitness watch with a premium price range in 2017 still does not have a music library where you can store your music in. Samsung, LG, and Motorola have had this feature. Imagine the day that you will not have to carry your phone for a jog since you can already listen to music straight from your Garmin watch. I really hope that day is coming real soon.

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Garmin Vívoactive 3: Final Verdict

garmin vivoactive 3 pros and cons

For a price around $300 – $330, this is a nice tracker to have and there not much could go wrong with it. It is more expensive than the Garmin Vívoactive HR but you also get a lot more with Garmin Vívoactive 3: A better screen, classier design, and a lot of new features.

If you care about functionality and looks then this is the watch that you looking for. Additionally, If you have owned and really like Vívoactive HR then you will definitely like the Garmin Vívoactive 3. In my opinion, Garmin has stepped up their game with this new anticipated Garmin Vívoactive 3!

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