Many people search for “heart rate monitor Galaxy S7” though Galaxy S7 is a smartphone, not a smartwatch or a professional heart rate monitor. Basically, Galaxy 7 has way more functions than just heart rate monitor but I know you will agree with me that heart rate monitor is an extra function that is really nice-to-have, right? Let’s find out what we can do with this heart rate monitor function on Galaxy S7!

Does Galaxy S7 really have heart rate monitor?

Totally. You can measure your heart rate with Samsung Galaxy S7. You can find this function both in Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Heart rate monitor Galaxy S7 Edge). The built-in heart rate monitor sensor is on the back of the device, close to the rear flash.

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heart rate monitor galaxy s7

Heart rate monitor Galaxy S7 Features

Heart rate monitor function of Samsung Galaxy S7 is a touch-type heart rate monitor. That means it takes a few seconds to display your heart rate data. You can’t view the data continuously so it’s not suitable for workout activities. If you are serious about fitness and want to improve your heart by exercising targeting a heart rate zone, then consider buying a chest strap or a wristwatch heart rate monitor. For more comparisons between these two types, check out my Heart rate monitor reviews.)

If what you want is just to check your resting heart rate form time to time to know that it’s okay, then heart rate monitor Galaxy S7 feature is quite helpful. Pregnant women may find this function useful as they can monitor themselves for any health problems during their pregnancy.
heart rate monitor galaxy s7 features

How to use heart rate monitor Galaxy S7

To use heart rate monitor on Galaxy S7, you will need to open the S Health app. Follow the guides, then place your fingertip on the sensor to start measuring your heart rate. It’s easy, right?
heart rate monitor galaxy s7 s health appheart rate monitor galaxy s7 measureheart rate monitor galaxy s7 measuringheart rate monitor galaxy s7 display
In case you still don’t know how to use heart rate monitor Galaxy S7, don’t worry, check out the video below!

Heart rate monitor Galaxy S7 Price

Of course, you can’t compare this smartphone’s price with the cost of a  chest strap heart rate monitor, which runs about $100.
At the moment, this smartphone is priced at about $600+. Please refer Amazon for updated prices.

Heart rate monitor Galaxy S7 Reviews

I’ve tried to collect heart rate monitor Galaxy S7 reviews but couldn’t find much. Here are some reviews for reference. In general, people love the S-health app of Galaxy S7, but they are not sure about the accuracy of the heart rate monitor sensor data.

“S-Health is a big deal, the app is beautiful and the heart rate and oxygen level measurements are great to keep track. I use Runtastic Pro and Nike+, but like the UI of S-Health too.”

“The heart rate sensor in particular sometimes doesn’t work at all, stating that it’s unable to find any measurement, even after I sat perfectly “still and quiet” as per instructions.”

“Having an unfortunate visit to the ER with my father, I took the chance to check the heart rate monitor while we were waiting for the doctor to see him. With his one hand hooked up to the hospitals monitor, I checked his other hand with the phones heart rate monitor and found that it was right on with the expensive machine. I guess it’s not that big of a deal but I was impressed that it was one to one with the expensive medical grade equipment.”

“For fun I’ve been comparing it with the heart rate monitor on my Huawei Watch. The S7’s results are always more consistent and generally give a reading much faster, too.”

“Yup, works well, seems pretty much in line with my chest HR sensor I have.. S health is a pretty serviceable app too.”

Heart rate monitor Galaxy S7 not working?

It’s important to note that the Samsung Galaxy S7 heart rate monitor has an adhesive protective film glued on the smartphone. This film protects the lens on the Galaxy S7 when it’s first delivered and many don’t notice the film when first using their Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. If your monitor is not working, it is possible that there is a simple solution.  One step that many don’t think about when fixing the heart rate monitor on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge is that they must remove the protection foil on it. Once removed, the device should be ready to go! If you’re looking for a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, check out my latest review in this post: Heart rate monitor review

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