Oh,  yes! I bet you’ve noticed I’ve reviewed a whole series of Misfit bands. If you are interested in this startup’s fitness trackers, make sure you have checked my reviews of Misfit Shine 2 and Misfit Flash. Today, I’m gonna review Misfit Ray – the latest and most fashionable fitness tracker of the line.
misfit ray fashionable pros and cons review

Misfit Ray Release Date

Misfit Ray was released in April 2016, just a few months after the launch of Misfit Shine 2. It was later discontinued in 2018.

Misfit Ray Current Price

Though functions were quite similar to Misfit Shine 2, Misfit Ray’s design was more stylish. With this price range, you may consider some other options, such as: Fitbit Charge HR ($80) or Garmin Vivosmart HR ($100)

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Review Misfit Ray Design

What makes Misfit Ray shine is its fashionable design. Though it may look good on smaller wrists, both sexes can wear this sleek tracker.

It’s sleek and looks like a beautiful bracelet that you can wear with other accessories or smartwatches. You probably won’t wear it with another round faced wrist watch, like the Misfit Shine 2 because it would look weird to have 2 round-faced watch on your wrist.
misfit ray accessory pros and cons review
While Misfit Shine 2 gives you a clip to attach it to your shoes or collar, Misfit Ray had hidden 8-mm spring bars that could go with almost any standard accessory, including watch bands, bracelets, or necklaces.

Similarly to Misfit Shine, Misfit Ray didn’t have screen and it had fewer LEDs lights. As a result, you couldn’t tell the time on it. In other words, it was not a watch at all!!!  The activity tracker came in 6 colors which Carbon Black and Rose Gold were the most popular.

Review Misfit Ray Features

Review Misfit Ray Features – Pros


Misfit is famous for its non-charging fitness trackers and Misfit Ray also had this feature. However, while Misfit Flash and Misfit Shines 2 promise to last up to 6 months, Misfit Ray battery life was just 4 months. Still, you could wear it all day and night without taking it off.


Misfit Ray was water resistant to 50 meters. Therefore, you could take it for a swim. Misfit Shine 2 and Garmin Vivosmart HR are waterproof to 50m as well, while Fitbit Charge HR is not.

Fitness tracking features

Like Misfit Shine 2, the Ray allowed you to track steps, distance, calories burned and records light and heavy sleep.
A special feature of Misfit Ray that you weren’t able to find on Misfit Shine 2 is that it had in-app activity tagging: Running, Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Yoga, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, and Dancing.

Connected Apps & Devices

Misfit Ray allowed you view your activity and sleep data via the Misfit app. You could also remotely take a picture or selfie, control music and some of your home devices thanks to its smart button.
misfit ray tracking pros and cons review


You were able to receive vibration alerts for call and text notifications, movement reminders, and alarms.

Review Misfit Ray Features – Cons

No heart rate monitor tracking

This function was not available in Misfit Ray. Choose Fitbit Charge HR or Fitbit Charge 2 instead if you really concern about tracking your heart rate.

No screen and clock display

You were able to see how you progressed through the LEDs light but for exact data you the needed to access the app to take a reading. Besides, there was no time displayed. For someone that doesn’t want to wear too much on their wrists, this shortage was very inconvenient.

Misfit Ray Box Content

misfit ray box content
You found in the box:
– The fitness tracker
– 1 Band (you were able to choose Sport or Leather band)
– Batteries
– Quick Start Guide

Review Misfit Ray Conclusion

This model was discontinued in 2018.  Before then, if you were a fashionista, Misfit Ray was a good choice as it was more fashion forward and supported your fitness activities at the same time. However, the sleek design was a huge disadvantage since it did not let tell time, something many found problematic.

Non-charging and waterproof made Misfit Ray suitable for office workers who wanted to be more active during their work day. But for serious fitness fans, this activity tracker was never enough since it lacked of heart rate monitor. Garmin Vivosmart Hr or Fitbit Charge HR were the better options for these folks.

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