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Recently I was quite busy and got no time to blog. Lucky for me, during this time, there’s only one new heart rate monitor – wristwatch that is worth to be reviewed. That’s the Pebble 2 Heart Rate. Anyone is considering buying one?
Ok, let’s review Pebble 2 Heart Rate to see if Pebble has taken it up to a new level and how Pebble 2 Heart Rate stacks up against other latest fitness tracker.

Pebble 2 Release Date

Pebble 2 Heart Rate was officially released this September, 2016.
You now can order it through Pebble website or Amazon.com

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Review Pebble 2 Heart Rate vs Pebble Classic

Pebble 2 review vs Pebble Classic
Pebble Classic which was launched in Jan 2013 is now lagging behind tons of new wristwatch models in the market. Pebble fans had to wait for nearly 4 years to get an updated version. Here’s a quick rundown comparing Pebble 2 heart rate with Pebble classic:

Criteria Pebble 2 Heart Rate Pebble Classic Comment
Release Date September 2016 January 2013
Price (Nov, 2016) $129.99 $66.99
Material Polycarbonate plastic Polycarbonate plastic
Color Black, white, aqua, flame and lime Black, red/black More options of Color
Design Standard three buttons on the right edge are sealed behind a single piece of resistant silicone, rather than by three individual hard buttons as before. More advanced, making better use of space
Display E-paper. 1.26-inch display with a 144 x 168 resolution. Just black and white E-paper. 1.26-inch display with a 144 x 168 resolution. Just black and white
Function Heart rate monitor. Sleep and activity tracking. Built-in microphone, record voice notes. Music control No Heart rate monitor. Sleep and activity tracking The biggest difference is heart rate tracking
Water resistant 30 m. Safe for swimming 50 m. Safe for swimming
Battery life 7 days 7 days
Connectivity Bluetooth. No wifi, GPS; both iOS and Android devices Bluetooth. No wifi, GPS; both iOS and Android devices
Hardware ARM Cortex M4 processor ARM Cortex M3 processor Better in performance
Measure 39.5 x 30.2 x 9.8mm 52 x 36 x 11.5 (including the lugs) Slimmed down
Weight 32g 38g Lighter

We can see that from design to functions, Pebble 2 Heart Rate and Pebble Classic do not differ much. Pebble 2 might be thinner and slimmer and has more colors to choose from. However, it revives the monochrome e-paper display and compared with Pebble Time, its design is not as attractive.
Pebble 2 Review Design
I can tell the biggest difference between these 2 Pebble versions is that Pebble 2 Heart Rate has been added Heart rate monitor. This should satisfy sports fan better. But this feature is quite standard compared with other current popular wristwatch in the market. So with $129, should you buy Pebble 2 or another wristwatch? Let’s move to the next section!

Compare Pebble 2 Heart Rate vs Fitbit Charge HR vs Samsung Gear Fit 2 vs Fitbit Charge 2 vs Garmin vivosmart HR vs Polar A360

Pebble 2 review vs other wristwatch
Those wristwatch are selected to compare with each other because they are in the same range of price, vary from $120-$180.

Release Date

Fitbit Charge 2 and Pebble 2 is the latest among those above. Both were launched in September 2016. Samsung Gear Fit 2 and Garmin vivosmart HR were released early this year, in May-Jun 2016.
Of course you would prefer to buy a latest models, right? Not only design is improved but also technology definitely is more advanced.


Pebble 2 and Fitbit Charge HR are equally priced, at about $129. Samsung Gear Fit 2, Fitbit Charge 2 and Garmin Vivosmart HR are priced at $149, a little more expensive. Polar A360 is the most pricey in the list which is $180. The question is should you buy Pebble 2 or spend a little more money to aim for another one that might fit you better? The answer will be given below.


Pebble is made of Polycarbonate plastic, while Fitbit’s are made of Rubber which is more elastic. Samsung Gear Fit 2 is made of Flexible Polymer. If you want a leather strap you should consider Fitbit Charge 2 since the strap is detachable and you can pay for a leather strap with extra $60.


If you’re a fan of Black then skip this comparison since every model offers Black color. Pebble 2 seems to have the most options of color: black, white, aqua, flame and lime. With Fitbit Charge 2 you also have 5 options: black, blue, plum, teal and lavender. Garmin vivosmart HR and Samsung Gear Fit 2 allows you 3 options: Garmin- black, imperial purple, midnight blue; Samsung- Pink, Black, Blue.


If you like an e-Paper screen then you can go with Pebble 2. But if you prefer a more colorful, dynamic screen then Samsung Gear Fit and Polar A360 will help cheer you up when wearing. The rest models use LCD and OLED screen. Pebble 2 has a quite bigger screen allowing you to read some data at the same time. Fitbit’s screen is quite small, especially the Fitbit Charge HR.


All these models have quite similar functions.
Heart rate monitor – Checked.
Activity and sleep tracking – Checked.
Receive and reject phone, message, notifications – Checked.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 has built-in GPS which is a plus, especially for runners. Pebble 2 & Garmin Vivosmart offer you the function to control your music. Hard to choose one if just based on functions!

Heart rate monitor of Pebble 2 is not just for workouts but measure your heart rate 24/7, taking a reading every 10 minutes (same like Apple Watch). Pebble 2 had a tendency to read 10 to 15 bpm higher than the strap when you are running, however it’s a problem of almost optical wristwatch.

A noticeable plus of Pebble 2 is apps. A lot of watch faces and applications for Pebble have been developed by the community that other tracker makers can’t compare with.
For more understanding of its function, you can watch this video review:

Water resistant

Except Fitbit’s is not safe for swimming, others are all ok for you to take along. Samsung Gear Fit 2 is water resistant just for 1.5m while others are up to 30-50m. However this might not be something serious.

Battery life

Pebble 2 can be used up to 7 days, quite long compared to others, just shorter than Polar A360 which is 2 weeks. Maybe this is the reason why Polar A360 is the most expensive of the list. Garmin, Fitbit can last for 5 days. Samsung Gear Fit 2 is the weakest in terms of Battery life, it is said to just last 2-3 days.


Ok, so what do you have in mind now? Pebble 2 might not be as amazing as expected, not so much different than the Pebble Classic. However at the price of $129, it seems to be competitive with other wristwatch and still a good choice, especially for those love simplicity.

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