May is definitely Polar’s month!
Just 2 weeks after the release of the best GPS smartwatch for running Polar M430, Polar introduced their new fitness tracker: Polar A370.
Yep, it’s the successor of Polar A360 as you can tell from the name. So of course, today’s article is going to be a Polar A370 review.

For those who are looking for a sub-$200 fitness tracker, you will have to decide what to buy from this list: the stylish Fitbit Alta HR or the stress-tracking Garmin vivosmart 3 or the smart coaching Polar A370.
In this Polar A370 review I will give you the pros and cons compared with its older version as well as other rivals.

polar a370 review pros and cons

Polar A370 Release Date

Fitbit and Garmin respectively brought out Fitbit Alta HR and Garmin vivosmart 3 this March and April. Hence, Polar couldn’t wait any longer but reveal their new weapon Polar A370 this May. They presented this new device on their official channels on May 24th, 2017 – one and a half year after the launch of Polar A360.

You can order it on Polar’s website or Amazon.

Polar A370 Price

Isn’t it strange that Polar A370 is priced even lower than its former, $179.95 vs $199.95? I have to say they are right to cut down the price because Garmin vivosmart 3 and Fitbit Alta HR which are also great cost less than $150. However, that price isn’t competitive enough. With $30-40 higher in price, Polar A340 had better offer more to be ahead of the game. To find out if it really meets our expectation, read my review below.

polar a370 review

Polar A370 Design

I can’t see much difference in the design of A370 from A360, except that it doesn’t have the pink version by default, just black and white. The band is still made of silicone, same weight (32-37g), same width (23.5mm). While Fitbit made the band slimmer and slimmer and released the most slender fitness tracker with heart rate sensor – the Fitbit Alta HR, Polar seemed not to care much about that.

And if changeable band is your “must-have” then you will be happy to hear that Polar A370 is interchangeable, just like his brother A360 and Fitbit Alta HR & Fitbit Charge 2.

In a nutshell, Polar A370 has better design than Garmin vivosmart 3, but is not as fashionable as Fitbit Alta HR.
polar a370 pros cons changeable band

Polar A370 Features

Polar A370 Features Pros

Piggy back GPS
For those love running, GPS is an essential feature. However, a built-in GPS fitness tracker is hard to find and buying a good smartwatch that is GPS equipped costs you over $200 for sure. Thus a fitness tracker that can connect with a mobile phone to use its GPS is pretty cool. So far we have Fitbit Charge 2 and now Polar A370 enables us to do that as well.

Continuous Heart rate measurement
This is definitely not an innovative function since you can find it in almost latest fitness trackers of Garmin or Fitbit. Polar A360 also had wrist-based heart rate sensor, but it didn’t measure and show your pulse continuously. And you all know that to exercise targeting your heart rate zone, you need to know your heart rate continuously.
So this is an improvement of Polar A370 compared to A360, yet it’s not something “amazing”.

You can take Polar A370 to shower or swimming thanks to its 30 m water resistance. You cannot enjoy this with Fitbit Alta HR or Fitbit Charge 2.
polar a370 review

Polar A370 Features Cons

Battery life
Many people crave Polar A360 though it does not have as much great functions as Fitbit or Garmin fitness trackers. The reason simply is because Polar A360 has 2-week battery life!!! Hence, lasting just 4 days is a big minus of Polar A370.

Garmin vivosmart 3 and Fitbit Charge 2 allows you to have 5 days without charging, and it’s 7 days with Fitbit Alta HR. 4 days are not bad, but Polar A370 has lost the edge.

Sleep tracking
Polar named the new feature as “Sleep plus” and made it sound different from “Sleep duration and quality tracking” that Polar A360 used to have. But I can’t find the “plus” they are trying to claim. The device measures your total sleeping time, and detect interruptions, you rate your sleep and Polar A370 will give you some feedback. I find “Sleep stage” of Fitbit Alta HR more interesting and useful when they analyze your REM sleep, deep sleep, light sleep.

Nevertheless, what we really can do to improve our sleep depends on us, not the device. Go to bed early before 11pm then “Sleep plus” or “Sleep stage” is not your concern.
polar a370 review pros cons
Fitness test required HR strap
A fitness test to check how well-being you are and see your progress over time is a great function. While with Polar M430 you can take a fitness test right with the optical heart rate sensor, you need to pair Polar A370 with H10 heart rate monitor strap. This feature could be the pros of Polar A370 if it’s not this inconvenient.

Polar keeps all the smart coaching of Polar A360 as they focus on the basic feature of a fitness tracker – measure your data and give feedback in order to help you become stronger and more physical. Together with training target, activity feedback, Polar A370 works as your personal coach 24/7.
polar a370 review

Polar A370 Review Conclusion

Battery life downgraded to 4 days is the biggest disadvantage of Polar A370. Besides, being priced over $150 makes it difficult for this tracker to beat Garmin vivosmart 3 or Fitbit Alta HR.

Yet if you want a device that is really smart in giving you feedback and allows you to use a mobile’s GPS, then Polar A370 should be your choice. Thanks for reading – I hope my Polar A370 review helped you find the info you needed!

polar a370 review