Misfit Shine is the first activity tracker produced by Misfit. Its successor – Misfit Shine 2 keeps attracting users for beautiful and minimal design with some features that you can’t find in any other fitness trackers. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons! Should Misfit Shine 2 be your new fitness companion?
misfit shine 2 review pros and cons waterproof

Misfit Shine 2 Release Date

It had been 3 years since the release of their flagship product – Misfit Shine, when Misfit launched the second generation. Misfit Shine 2 was made available in the market October 2015.

Misfit Shine 2 Current Price

Before we go into reviewing its design and features, let’s see the current price of Misfit Shine.

You can see that Misfit Shine is quite reasonable compared to other competitors. Within this price range, you may aim for Fitbit Charge HR ($80) or Garmin Vivosmart HR ($100) or spend $50 more to own the Fitbit Charge 2 ($130)

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Review of Misfit Shine 2 Design

The special thing about Misfit Shine 2 is that it has literally no display at all. Its clock face just has 12 LEDs that light to tell you the time and to show how you have progressed. It took me a minute to learn how to read the time, but it was kind of interesting after I figured it out. Instead of seeing your progress through some rigid numbers like other trackers, with Misfit Shine 2, your progress will be shown in a halo of rainbow-colored lights.

Another thing I really like about the Shine 2 is that you can pop it out of the band and use a clip (included in the box) to wear it on your arm or your trousers– or even use it as a necklace. Girls, if you want a fashion-focused activity tracker, this definitely is a good option for you.
Misfit-shine-2-pros and cons wear type
The fitness tracker is made from aluminum, making it very light, just 8.5g. Many people find it comfortable to wear this tracker all day long.  The activity tracker offers 6 colors to choose from: Rose Gold (cheapest version), Carbon Black, Pink, Graphite, Navy and Red.

Review Misfit Shine 2 Features

Review Misfit Shine 2 Features – Pros


Non-charging is a huge plus with the Misfit Shine 2, as you don’t have to take it off. Replaceable batteries last up to 6 months. This really differentiates Misfit Shine 2 from its rivals. In comparison, the Fitbit Charge HR or Garmin Vivosmart HR batteries last approximately 5 days.
Misfit-Shine-2-battery replacable pros and cons review


Water resistant to 50 meters. It’s totally safe for swimming. Thanks to this, you can enjoy taking a bath and still get call and text notifications. Garmin Vivosmart HR offers you the same option, but Fitbit Charge HR cannot.

Connected Apps & Devices

Shine 2 syncs with the Misfit app to display data and charts of your activity and sleep patterns.
Smart button enables you to play music, take a selfie, or interact with a variety of internet services and smart home devices.

Fitness tracking features

The Fitness tracking features of Misfit Shine 2 are quite basic. This product helps you automatically track steps, distance, calories, and both light and restful sleep.


Vibration alerts for call and text notifications, movement reminders, and alarms are included.

Review Misfit Shine 2 Features – Cons

No heart rate monitor tracking

If you’re serious about exercising in your targeted heart rate zone, you will not be happy about the absence of this feature. Consider Fitbit Charge HR – which is available at about the same price and has this function included.

No screen display

Though it’s fun to watch how you progress through LED light, it’s hard for you to know the exact information. For big screens with more data displayed, models like the Garmin Vivosmart HR are preferable.

Misfit Shine 2 Box Content

misfit shine 2 what in box content
You can find in the box:
– The fitness tracker
– Newly re-engineered Sport Band
– Clasp
– Battery
– Quick Start Guide

Review Misfit Shine 2 Conclusion

With its colored LEDs design and flexible wearing method, I feel this fitness tracker really works for women who want a smart, fashionable watch that can be detached and worn off wrist. Additionally, those who wear their watches 24/7 may find the convenience offered by this device as positive for its other 2 big pros–it’s non-charging and waterproof.

However, if you’re serious about fitness, I suggest you check out Fitbit Charge HR,  the latest Fitbit Charge 2, or Garmin Vivosmart HR. Those fitness trackers might be a better match for you. Check this Heart Rate Monitor Review for more information of those fitness trackers.

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