When I say “cheap fitness trackers”, I mean those are less than $50. Yes, you will be surprised to know there are some pretty good and cheap fitness trackers with a lot of functions priced under $30. Today, I will give you a list of best cheap fitness trackers that are worth considering to buy. In case you have higher budget, say around $150, you can check out the Best Fitness Trackers of Functions and Quality listed in this Post. The cheap models described here are made by unknown Chinese brands. In Amazon, you can’t even find the manufacturer’s names. Instead, the fitness trackers are shown as Retailer name + model series, that might make you think they are different products.

As you may know, a chest strap from Polar already costs you $30-$60, so these cheap Chinese fitness trackers are really a good choice for those with a modest or low budget. However, don’t expect the same quality and service as the more famous brands. You get what you pay for!
Review Mi Band 2
Review Dfit D21
Review I5 Plus

Mi Band 2 – One of the best cheap fitness trackers with a heart rate monitor

Do you know the name Xiaomi? This brand is becoming more and more popular, especially in the Asian market for offering cheap, but good quality products. They released Mi Band 1, followed by the Mi Band 2 and both received positive reviews.

Review of the Mi Band 2 Design

Cheap Fitness Trackers
This fitness tracker has quite a slim band, which is made of plastic.  The screen is detachable from the band, allowing you to change the band if you wish.  The 0.42 inches OLED screen provides you with an easy to read screen both indoors and outdoors under bright sun.

Review Mi Band 2 Functions

  • Fitness: tracks steps, calories burned. When connected to Mi Fit app, you can set your target steps and when you achieve your goal, the band will vibrate to congratulate you.
  • Heart rate monitor: This is a touch-type heart rate monitor. That means you need to touch the screen everytime you want to measure your heart rate. The data doesn’t display continuously. Therefore, you can’t use Mi Band 2 for workout purposes to target your heart rate zone.
  • Sleep tracking: when you wake up, you can go to the Mi Fit app and see how long you slept last night and how many hours of deep sleep  you had.
  • Idle alert: when you spend a lot of time sitting down, the tracker will alert you to go for a walk.
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Battery life: 21 days

Mi Band 2 Pros

Compared to the other 2 fitness trackers in the list, Mi Band 2 comes from a more well known brand that assures you of better quality and warranty service.

Mi Band 2 Cons

The touch-type heart rate monitor is a minus with Mi Band 2 since you cannot use it for targeted heart rate workouts. The band appears to be quite small on a man’s wrist.

Cheap Fitness Trackers

Dfit D21- Cheapest fitness tracker that shows continuous heart rate monitor

This fitness tracker is made by DIDO, a relatively unknown brand. However, compared to Mi Band 2, this fitness tracker offers even more functions.

Review Dfit D21 Design

Cheap Fitness Trackers
The band is wider than Mi Band 2, that might be a better fit for a man’s wrist. The band, however is not interchangeable.  The screen is 0.66 inches OLED screen

Review Dfit D21 Functions

  • Phone notification: When you have a phone call, the screen will vibrate and display the number that is calling you. It also notifies you of new message without displaying the content.
  • Fitness: It auto tracks steps, distance, calories burned on a daily basis. You can set it for a target of steps and distance so the band will alert you when you achieve your goal.
  • Heart rate monitor: This heart rate monitor measures your heart rate 24/7. Heart rate data lets you know your maximum heart rate, minimum heart rate and average heart rate during a day. You can actively display your heart rate any time you want by using a long press on the screen to bring up the heart rate icon. A big plus of D21 is that it displays your heart rate continuously so you can use it to exercise targeting your desired heart rate zone.
  • Sleep tracking: This fitness tracker shows the total sleep hours and the amount of deep sleep.
  • Idle alert: The tracker will vibrate when you are sedentary for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on your setup.
  • Waterproof: IP67, which is indicated to be safe for swimming. However, I don’t recommend you swim with it on since it’s a cheap Chinese fitness tracker anyway.
  • Battery life: 5 days.

Dfit D21 Pros

The advantage of Dfit D21 is the continuous displayed heart rate data. You can wear it during your workout and exercise within your heart rate zone.

Dfit D21 Cons

Dfit just displays the number calling you without displaying the name of the person calling.

I5 Plus – Cheap fitness trackers with a lot of activity tracking features

I5 Plus has quite a lot of good reviews in Amazon. Among 3 fitness trackers in the list, this one has the most functions. Let’s see what is really has!

Review I5 Plus Design

review i5 plus cheap fitness trackers
The band is made of silicone. The screen is 0.91 inches OLED touchscreen.

Review I5 Plus Functions

  • Phone notification: alert when you have phone calls or messages or notifications.
  • Fitness: tracks your steps, jumps. You also can set target steps need to be achieved daily.
  • Sleep tracking
  • Idle alert
  • Remote camera control
  • Find phone: When the function is turned on, your mobile phone will ring or vibrate when the distance between smartwatch and phone is a certain distance
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Battery life: 7 days

I5 Plus Pros

Large screen and silicone band are the pluses.
I5 also has more functions compared to Mi Band 2 and Dfit, such as: Remote camera control and find your phone.

I5 Plus Cons

The biggest disadvantage of I5 Plus is that it doesn’t have heart rate monitor function. Thus it’s more like a health band than a true fitness tracker.

Cheap Fitness Trackers


For less than $50 you can own a pretty good fitness tracker. If you want to have one for workouts then aim for the Dfit D21. If you just want to stay more healthy, then Mi Band 2 or I5 Plus would be a better a fit. I hope this review of cheap fitness trackers helped you find the right one for you!  If you are thinking about using a heart rate monitor, send me a comment.